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Loci started with a humble vision: develop a small, rural property to give friends with mobile lifestyles a place to stay in nature…free from the limits and requirements of traditional residential rental and home ownership models.

We are now discovering new places to live and new places to work, and that those places can share the same space.”

Loci acquires, develops and manages real estate holdings to create a seamless and familiar ecosystem of places to live and work.

Loci : ‘lō-kē

(noun) plural of "locus"
1. the place where something is situated or occurs 2. a center of activity, attention, or concentration

Loci re-imagines traditional community constructs and offers new ways to think about the places we live, the places we work, and our place in the world.

Offering a network of comfortable, full-service accommodations distributed across diverse locations and captivating environments, Loci leverages emerging technologies to revolutionize and advance housing solutions for creative lifestyles.


As the world reimagines the places we live and work, Loci offers a new model for residential communities. By selecting rural and semi-remote sites for our micro-communities, Loci provides an escape from the urban grind and access to nature, while offering the safety and support of a small, well-managed community.

Site plans include 5 to 30 residential dwellings, depending on geographic features and zoning requirements, including combinations of stand-alone cabins and full-size homes, duplexes, fourplexes and other multi-unit designs.

Community Features and Services

Micro-communities in rural locations may include community centers, site-specific features or small commercial spaces for basic retail, equipment rentals or other products and services.

Common areas offer space for co-working, team building, enrichment and other private, hosted events.

On-site management and support optimizes convenience and comfort for visiting members, including transportation and concierge services.

Loci forest cabin - 2-story parking

Site-Specific Design

All structures and improvements (both new construction and remodel/rehabilitation) feature design carefully developed to complement the environment and heritage of each unique site.

Sites developed in proximity to nature feature structures which are designed with a sense of minimalism to highlight natural features. Across the network, Loci demonstrates design that supports cultural enrichment, respects historical preservation and encourages community cohesion.

Modern, Sustainable Architecture

Simple and efficient architectural design keeps the focus on environmental features and supports investment in sustainable materials and high-quality finishing. Wherever possible, Loci will employ recycled, repurposed, innovative and sustainable materials which demonstrate environmental stewardship reflected in contemporary styling.

While styling complements the natural features of each site, floorplans and unit layouts offer familiarity for members moving among locations.

Comfortable and Functional Spaces

A variety of unit layouts offers comfortable options for members seeking both short-term and extended stays.

Units are designed for single or dual shared occupancy and include bonus space for work, study and additional short-term guest.

Turn-key dwellings offer high-quality furnishings including all standard appliances, cookware, linens, and more. Members need only bring clothing, personal items and toiletries.

Residential Network

The long-term mission of the Loci brand is to expand its reach by focusing on developing a geographically-distributed network of micro-communities combined with stand-alone properties which further the goal of offering regionally-disbursed and strategically-located sites that support a globally-diverse and mobile membership community.

Loci will develop new sites, rehabilitate and renovate existing sites, and partner with existing property owners to create a seamless and familiar ecosystem of places to live. Site selection will be optimized to support ease of travel to and from transportation hubs, including the addition of short- and long-term properties located in urban centers. Each property will be carefully selected to ensure optimal proximity to developing regions and cohesion with the greater Loci network.


What's the Problem?

The 2020 pandemic and response to it has resulted in a “digital baptism” at global scale, forcing much of the developed world to rapidly adopt new technologies, emerging lifestyle trends, adaptive changes in business and new ways of thinking about the places we live and the places we  work.

Current residential rental solutions are limited by legacy practices developed in response to renter risk management and traditional analog accounting practices. Widely applied requirements such as deposits, minimum 1-year leases and heavy penalties for early move-out are ripe for disruption by innovative new rental paradigms.

Home ownership offers limited liquidity, restricted by lengthy real estate sales processes, high costs and unpredictable markets. Emerging professionals and active retirees are challenged by credit and income qualifications for over-priced homes and are looking for news ways to live where they want to, when they want to.

The following case studies have been compiled based on the real-world feedback and input of actual pending members and participants. The names and some details have been changed, but the dream of living a free and rewarding life is real!

What are the Trends?

Urban dwellers are moving out of  vertical megalopolises.

Marriage and child rates are decreasing.

People are working from home.

What's the Solution?

Loci acquires, develops, and manages a portfolio of real estate holdings specifically selected to meet the needs of its core membership community.

All units are furnished and turn-key, with any necessary conveniences and dedicated productivity spaces.

Loci Life Members do not pay deposits every time they want to live in a new area.

Loci Life Members are not require to commit to time-based leases.

The Loci Life member governance program offers direct engagement in aspects of property selection, improvement, and liquidation.


Learn more about the Loci lifestyle and who our members are at


Site selection for the Loci network is guided by proximity to nature combined with access to popular or emerging urban centers. A minimum of 20 buildable acres supports sufficient space for residential and community structures, while additional acreage is desirable for trails, recreation and other natural features for residents and visitors to enjoy.

While development and construction typically benefits most from open, level ground space, Loci embraces the challenges of topography, wetlands and other land features in an effort to blend living spaces with the natural contours of the outdoors.

Loci Rainier (sample)

The beautiful vicinity of Mt. Rainier, located in the Puget Sound Region of Washington State, USA, was selected as an ideal setting to design and demonstrate the vision of a Loci micro-community. While the actual property that this sample was planned on is not available for development, the structures and floorplans have been created for application at any future Loci site.  (View Sample)

Loci Skymeadow

Offering easy access to the city of Seattle, Washington as well as the stunning beauty of Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, this small yet innovative project will showcase revolutionary technique and materials that will set the tone for communities to come.


* This property has been acquired!

Loci Round Top

Located exactly half way between the prosperous cities of Austin and Houston in the state of Texas, this turn-key 25 acre estate offers all the amenities a micro-community needs, with room to grow. Only 5 miles away, the small historic town of Round Top hosts multiple world-class antiques shows, parades and events, and is home to the Round Top Festival Institute.


* This site is pending review.

This map offers a view of the strategic locations selected for Loci properties.

Micro-communities are indicated by round Loci icons.

Square Loci icons indicate condos, apartments, multi-plexes and houses. Multiple properties may service single locations, depending on member growth and demand.

Loci started with a humble vision: develop a small, rural property to give friends with mobile lifestyles a place to stay in nature. A place free from the limits and requirements of traditional residential rental and home ownership models.

My personal experience as a management consultant working with professional networks of digital nomads and remote freelancers exposed me to a digitally-connected community that was growing at a steady pace. As the challenges of 2020 set in, the world faced isolation and an urgency to communicate and collaborate. It quickly became clear that this community was going to grow exponentially as urban dwellers emerged from the traditional constraints of office and city life, while both businesses and workers discovered the benefits of remote work.

We are now discovering new places to live and new places to work, and we are finding that those places can share the same space. Technological developments have created paradigm shifts across society and industry, and we have become dramatically freed from the geographic confines of congested urban life.

I am excited to support this revolutionary return to our natural roots and I invite you to join us as our communities grow through ecologically-integrated, digitally-connected and regionally-distributed ways.”

Joshua A. Haarbrink